Are You Tired Of Repeating Yourself And Feeling Buried By Your Growing 1:1 Case Load?
Learn How to Grow Your Practice with Results-Driven Online Group Programs  in a Sustainable & Profitable way!

Live Training September 26th-30th, 2022 - 11:00 am EST (20 min Daily)
In this FREE Training, you'll uncover the 
3 VITAL MISTAKES you are currently making in your private practice.

You are wasting time repeating yourself with all of your 1:1 clients

Your business isn't as profitable as it should be with the hours you are putting in

You only have one revenue stream generating income for your business

Meet Stephanie Clairmont

CEO, Founder
The Leveraged Practice

Meet Stephanie - CEO, Founder, and retired Registered Dietitian. In 2013, she pivoted her brick-and-mortar practice to build one of the first online group programs in digestive health in North America.

Now Stephanie helps other health professionals build profitable online programs so they can better serve their clients and families without burnout. You're in the trusted hands of a colleague who's done this!  

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